JEL is a brand name for wood and timber business of London Wood co., ltd.

It is always good business chances for sellers & buyers to co-operate with us, we welcome all of you even though you are forestry owner, sawmill owner, broker, exporter or agent.

We have our stable markets network for most types of hard woods and soft woods. and expeding yearly.

You can be our loyal suppliers, exporters, agents, buying procker, or we may consider to put investment into your forest if you have legal documents to harvest.


African hard wood include:

Azobe, Tali, Pachy, Okan, Denya, Senya, Teak, Eboney, Rosewood, Ghana rose wood (Kosso),

Zambia rose wood ( Mussivi) Doussie, Papao, Apa, Nigeria rosewood ( Kosso),

Ekopeli, Iroko, Sapele, Bilinga, Muvingui, Mukula,  Padouk, Kotali, Ekopnaga, Kevazingo, Bubinga..




From South America  :

We can buy & sell most formation of the wood including : round logs, Square logs ( square blocks) sawn timer, Plunks.

Speices : WPL, BAS, DJI, CUMARU, BALSAMO, KAW, MKB, BOL. WAL, WAN, Jatoba, Saman, Teak, and other woods.



From Europe and USA

Specially from Europe anf USA, we can buy and sell 

Red OAK, White Oak,  Birch, Beech, Ash, Pine, Marble, Walnut. Spruce.



Our main ports of Destination are:

Hai Phong, &  Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam,

Mumbai - India,

Karachi - Pakistan,

Shanghai  -China,

Chitagong - Bangladesh




Please contact us for co-operation:


Tel & whatsApp: +84966551267


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